Windows Phone 7 preview

Microsoft has begun shipping preview devices from Samsung and LG to developers so they can begin real-world testing of their apps before the big October launch. We were treated to one of said devices and had a few days to take Windows Phone 7 for a test drive.

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Chris posted a comment   

" I really dont want to be scrolling up and down the screen to be accessing things"

What else are you suppose to do? You have to scroll left to right with the iphone and any other smartphone on the market?

Another BIAS review from another iphone nutto!


ARedPen posted a comment   

The aqua blue hurts my eyes


rekuhs posted a comment   

please give the option to read this all on one page.

Yes, I'm too lazy to click the arrow a bunch of times.


Sarah posted a reply   

Cnet does that deliberately because each time you click the arrow, a new page loads and so do the ads. Each ad loaded counts as an extra impression. So you may see the same ad on the side once but the advertiser counts it as several views and Cnet gets paid accordingly.


Justin posted a comment   

I don't know about this. It's a big departure from CE (thank God) but it may be too reliant on the 'hubs'. Also, I think the UI actually leaves a lot to be desired at this point. I'll reserve judgement until I can play with it in person though :)

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