Windows Phone 8 finally getting Instagram, Vine and other big-name apps

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After a long wait, Windows Phone 8 is finally getting some of the must-have apps, the lack of which may have been holding potential buyers back, including Flipboard, Vine and Instagram.

(Credit: Campbell Simpson/CNET Australia)

At Nokia World on Tuesday, Nokia announced a total of 23 new big-name apps coming to Windows Phone 8, including a few of the most popular apps on the competing Android and iOS platforms. That list includes social magazine reader Flipboard, Instagram and video-sharing app Vine, as well as popular games like Temple Run 2 and FIFA 14.

Until the announcement, Windows Phone users were stuck with unofficial apps like 6tag to access these popular services on their handsets. The Windows Phone ecosystem still lags behind Android and iOS in the amount of apps available to consumers, but effort is being made to bring the platform up to parity and to increase its appeal.

Nokia World also saw the unveiling of several new Lumia smartphones running the Windows Phone OS, including the 6-inch Lumia 1520. Windows Phone 8's most recent update included support for larger displays with higher-resolution screens and more powerful quad-core CPUs.

The recently introduced apps aren't available instantly on all Windows Phone handsets, though. Flipboard gets an exclusive release on Nokia's Lumia 2520 tablet first and will remain tied to that one device for a few months. Instagram and Vine, as well as various gaming titles, should be available through the Windows Phone app store within a few weeks.

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MattS4 posted a comment   

6tag is really good and when Instagram is released I doubt I'll see any need to get the official app.


SamuelN posted a comment   

Still no MOG. lol

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