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The decision for some home and small-business users to upgrade to Microsoft Windows Vista once it becomes available in early 2007 will depend largely on what the new operating system can do for you and what hardware you have to run it on.

Microsoft has prepared a Get Ready page listing the hardware required to run Windows Vista, and for Windows Vista beta 2 there's a public download available now. It's still early, and Microsoft could easily change aspects of individual features between now and the final release. But based on what I've seen after living with Windows Vista beta 2 for a week, here are five things I think you'll like about the new operating system -- some of which might persuade certain fence-sitters to upgrade -- and five things that may convince others to stick with Windows XP for a few more years.

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sillylilly posted a comment   

Vista has great protection when it comes to pop-ups and security for you computer you may need get a virus but since there is so much security its not compatable with any of my games and half my programs so theres no point to have it, if I cnat even use it. Now I have windows 7 and I love it. They really worked out all of the problems that were with vista. If you have a chance to try windows 7 I would.


chaucolai posted a comment   

I recently bought a Vista laptop off Trademe (NZ) as it was cheap, with the school holidays coming up I need it as I can't keep stealing my mothers! I read this article to see whether I needed to go into full out job search mode to upgrade to 7 or whether the need to upgrade could be put on the backburner. I found it very useful, especially as it actually compared the cons & pros. I think that I will slowly save up for 7, but for now Vista should be okay. When the laptop arrives, of course.


jon posted a comment   

Really i think that you should use windows seven they took vista and fixed most of the cons of vista


vista posted a comment   

in general , windows vista is much better than xp


gangrel posted a comment   

yes we all know that xp will be obsolete soon,but it would be nice if vista was compatable with xp so we can get the to handle tranaction a lot faster and easier at the moment I find vasta NOT user friendly so it is
harder for someone of my age to move on so to get over it have some compastion for the older generation OR AS WE GET OLDER WE ARE NOT SUPPOSE USE COMPUTERS unless they are 3188's or older


forro005 posted a comment   

First of al, i would like to great all of the intervenients. Just to tell you that I agree on some and disagree in other points about some comments. The reason why is because, I also am using windows vista and had great moments with it and also had less conforatble moment with it. The only fact is that Vista will take place one day and XP and all other will just get old and die. I would suggest instead to start investigating it a little deeper.


lgjpage posted a comment   

Having similar problems as mentioned in above comments : While typing my cursor will disappear, and sometimes it moves and startes typing into my sentences above. Also sometimes when I backspace, it takes me from the page I am typing on to the previous page, or while typing it will move down the page on it's own.


armf17249 posted a comment   

After reading all the coments ,I think widows vistia and all the ones before sucks I'm useing XP PROFESSIONAL witch i uninstall and start useing MAC SYSTEUM wich out strips widows so anyone out there go for the MAC OPERATING SYSTUM WITICH IS MUCH BETTER.


jgates00 posted a comment   

Any respectable IT person knows Vista is a hunk of junk for now. No large corporations use it, in fact most have made contracts that Microsoft provide Windows 7 immediately on release. Most corporations have not and will not install Vista. And yes you are wrong most games and programs are incompatible if they are more then a year old. If you go to Vista get ready to purchase all your programs again. These words come from experience and knowledge.


dirtdragon51 posted a comment   

I agrre the Windows Vista is a great operating system when it comes to safty and popup features, but what i disagree on is that many games and programs are not compatable with the system. This makes it all pointless,

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