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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Wobbly glass stops you texting at the pub

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A beer glass concept is designed so that it will fall over unless propped up by a mobile phone.

We all have that friend. You know. You're at the pub, having a drink and a catch-up ... but every five minutes, they're checking Facebook or Twitter or email. Aside from the fact that it leaves you awkwardly waiting for them to return their focus to the real world, you have to wonder why, if you're that boring, they didn't just stay home.

Or maybe it's just compulsive. Either way, it can make for a vaguely uncomfortable time.

A new drinking glass concept, though, could effectively put a halt to compulsive smartphone checking. Called "The Offline Glass" by creative agency Fischer & Friends for Bar Jorge in Brazil, it's creatively carved with a hollow space in the base that perfectly fits a smartphone. And, while serving the function of deleting smartphone-related rudness from the meatspace, it could possibly also prevent another texting faux pas: the dreaded drunken SMS.

While it's an ingenious-seeming concept, however, there are a few niggling problems. What if you don't have a smartphone? Or, if you're drinking your beer cold, what about condensation dripping down onto the device? And what if the person in question is genuinely nomophobic?

Since the Offline Glass is only a concept, unlikely to see production, solutions to these problems will not be forthcoming. Nevertheless, it can be a lesson to every compulsive pub texter: the internet can wait. Relax and enjoy your friends while they're still around.


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ClaudioM posted a comment   

Sounds a bit silly, the beer would probably swish off the tip of the glass and brick the iPhone..

I change my mind, this is brilliant!


ChrisA3 posted a comment   

yeah cuz a 4 dollar beer is worth a $700 phone. smh


MikeB2 posted a comment   

I never, never. NEVER eat or drink around my electronics. A drink is a buck.


Dunners posted a comment   

Or you could just hold your beer in one and and text with the other..?


Jive Turkey posted a comment   

The glass has little to do with smartphones. Many items could fill that gap in the base of the glass. I could use my wallet for example.

I would also not risk putting my $500 phone under a glass of liquid... that was filled to the point of overflowing... and is around clumsy drunk people.


ZephaniahG posted a reply   

My exact thoughts. It would be great to get people off their phone, but real phone addicts would have it propped up with something else immediately and jump right back into their text.

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