Wolfram Alpha offers Facebook personal analytics

Free service will allow Facebook users to slice and dice their data, including daily posting activity and friend statistics.

Wolfram Alpha adding social analytics to its repertoire
(Credit: Wolfram Alpha)

Wolfram Alpha has found a way to let Facebook users use personal analytics to get a detailed picture of their social media data, including daily posting activity and friend statistics.

It's fairly straightforward: type "Facebook report" into the standard Wolfram Alpha website, and the technology generates a report "with more than a dozen major chapters, broken into more than 60 sections, with all sorts of drill-downs, alternate views, etc," according to CEO Stephen Wolfram. He also explained:

If you're doing this for the first time, you'll be prompted to authenticate the Wolfram Connection app in Facebook, and then sign in to Wolfram Alpha (yes, it's free). And as soon as you've done that, Wolfram Alpha will immediately get to work, generating a personal analytics report from the data it can get about you through Facebook.

This is just the start. Wolfram said that more features will be added in coming months.

Coincidentally, the news takes place on the same day that Microsoft Bing announced it had added a way for users to search their archives of Facebook photos.

Via CNET.com

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Chandler posted a comment   

Does that mean you can now say to Siri: "Facebook! Report!", and it will promptly report on your Facebook comings and goings?

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