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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Working BMO made out of Lego and Raspberry Pi

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(Lego Adventure Time BMO powered by Raspberry Pi © 2013 Michael Thomas. Used with permission of Michael Thomas. All rights reserved.)

Lego fan Michael Thomas has built a model of Adventure Time's BMO game console out of Lego that contains a fully functional Raspberry Pi computer.

So a teeny-tiny working Mac is pretty cool. And who wouldn't want a 3D-printed portable NES? But a model of Adventure Time's BMO, made out of Lego and housing a fully-functional Linux-based Raspberry Pi computer? Oh, be still our beating hearts.

This wonder was created by software developer Michael Thomas for BrickCon 2013. "I came up with the idea a few months ago," he told CNET Australia. "I had purchased a Raspberry Pi and was trying to come up with interesting unique projects to make use of it. Being a fan of Lego, I'm also always looking for creative Lego builds to take on. I had seen some other Raspberry Pi Lego cases, and I knew the two fit well together. Around that time, I was also just starting to watch episodes of Adventure Time. It was hard not to enjoy Finn and Jake's lovable electronic companion, BMO. It didn't take much at that point to decide that I should attempt to bring BMO to life, with Lego skin and a Raspberry Pi heart."

Packed inside BMO's adorable Lego frame is a Model B Raspberry Pi board, a 4GB SD card with the Raspbian Linux OS, a low-profile microSD card adapter, a micro USB cable connecting to an external Mediasonic USB battery pack for power and a USB connector for the port on the front of the device. The screen is a 2.5-inch TFT display.

"Once I had the idea in mind, it still took some time to make it a reality," Thomas said. "I had to design the Lego build and the electronics. Then, sourcing all the parts took several weeks. Once I had all the parts, it took a couple weeks of plucking away at putting it together (and dusting up on my soldering skills) during my free time."

Like the character in the TV show, Lego BMO is multitalented. It can run video games, play video (including its own show — recursive!), surf the web and play music.

Lego BMO will be on display at BrickCon in Seattle on Saturday, 5 October and Sunday, 6 October. If you can't get there, though, you can console yourself with more images on Thomas' Flickr page here — and see Lego BMO playing the Adventure Time opening credits in the video below.

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sweet could you please send me the instructions on how to make my own bmo
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