World of Warcraft loses 1.3m players

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In its earnings report for Q1 2013 (PDF), Activision Blizzard has admitted that World of Warcraft (WoW) has seen a downturn in subscribers over the past quarter, with 1.3 million users leaving the game.

Mists of Pandaria was the most recent extension for World of Warcraft.
(Credit: Activision Blizzard)

To put this into some perspective, the new total of 8.3 million players still makes WoW the number one massively multiplayer online (MMO) game in the world.

CEO Bobby Kotick noted that its players are "mainly from the East, but in the West, as well".

The drop has led Activision to revise its broad financial forecasts for the year, despite posting a Q1 result that was better than expected:

While we have had a solid start to the year, we now believe that the risks and uncertainties in the back half of 2013 are more challenging than our earlier view, especially in the holiday quarter.

In addition to the subscriber loss, Kotick called out both "the disappointing launch of the Wii U [and] uncertainties regarding next-generation hardware" as contributing to the financial results.

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SimonM4 posted a comment   

WOW need a major face Lift or a complete overhaul. They also need to reduce th costs, Guild wars 2 is free and its a really cool WOW need to be better then this if they expect people to pay to play.


AmberC1 posted a comment   

Used to play but when the subscription is 15 dollars a month I really don't have the money anymore to just throw it at them when I can play other games like GW2 for free after purchase and etc.


Bleedsic posted a comment   
United States

Wow so needs to just die completely. Stupid game anyway.. I played it for a while(Like up to 85) and it just got stupid. Seriously why does anyone play this anymore.. You pay money per month and its just a waste.....WOW GTFO


DarrellW posted a comment   

I guess that means 1.3 million boys balls finally dropped and they found a girlfriend and found out what real ROLE-PLAYING was about! Hahahahahaha ;-)


AdarshP posted a comment   

Players moving to LoL


JoeM1 posted a comment   

So, does Activision own Nintendo? Is that why they are concerned about the WiiU launch failure? How about putting out some GAMES for it!


xymple posted a reply   
United States

Yeah. It would have been nice if there was a little clarification for that last statement. If WOW was on Wii U or on any console for that matter, it would make more sense up front. Now I have to do a little research since I'm in the dark on the relationship between WOW and consoles.

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