World's largest solar boat to arrive in Brisbane

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The MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the world's largest solar boat, is circumnavigating the globe and will arrive in Australia this weekend.

According to PlanetSolar, it is attempting to break the world record by travelling around the world (approx 27,000 nautical miles) to show that renewable energy technologies are effective and can be relied upon, as well as to demonstrate the potential of environmentally friendly modes of transport.

People can see the arrival of the PlanetSolar yacht at Brisbane's Riverside Centre Pontoon this Sunday, 29 May, at approximately 12pm.

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TheHARR0WING posted a comment   

Were can i get one? Only joking i dont even have enough money for a car let alone this.


lynot posted a comment   

RSS feed to news is not working?????

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