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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Would you spend AU$30,500 on this Leica?

(Credit: Leica)

German camera manufacturer Leica has announced a limited-edition white M9-P digital camera — quite limited, actually; only 50 will be available.

The special release coincides with the recent launch of the Leica Daimaru camera store in Tokyo.

The 18.5-megapixel Leica M9-P full-frame digital camera features an astounding feature set that normally commands a retail price of around US$8000. However, this limited-edition run carries a much heftier price of 2,620,000 yen, which translates to an astounding AU$30,524. This is not the first time that Leica has offered such an exclusive run of a camera. The titanium M9, designed by Walter de'Silva, cost around AU$35,000.

The package, which costs as much as a fairly nice car, includes a silver Nokuti M f/0.95 50mm ASPH lens, silver-chrome body styling, white leather on the body (with matching strap) and a white logo on the top.


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