Xbox One pre-orders ship early, reveal large game file sizes

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At least three Xbox One pre-orders have shipped two weeks early in the US, with recipients heading to social media to detail their very early experiences.

A screen grab from Moonlightswami's YouTube video.
(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft has been quick to shut down the information leak, going as far as to temporarily "ban" the consoles from accessing Xbox Live.

However, one of the recipients who goes by the Twitter name Moonlightswami posted a video of his Xbox One on YouTube, as well as screenshots from his Xbox One dashboard.

The Verge article states that Microsoft had the YouTube video removed as a copyright violation, but a video of the unboxing was still available at the time of writing and is embedded below.

More pertinently for Australia, Moonlightswami revealed the file size of some of the games that will be available for download from Xbox Live.

The largest reported was 43GB for NBA 2K14, while Call of Duty: Ghosts clocks in at 39GB and Xbox One exclusive Forza is 31GB. The smallest file sized noted was FIFA at 8GB.

Microsoft has said that downloaded games will be playable during the download process, and Moonslightswami reported that games could be played when the download was over 50 per cent complete.

These files sizes may give pause to Aussies who were hoping to move away from physical media when it came to gaming, with 30GB and above representing a large chunk of many people's monthly download allowance.

It also suggests that the 500GB hard drive in the Xbox may not be as generous as expected. Heavy gamers who purchase games via download may find their hard drive filling quickly, requiring them to delete files, only to download them again later if they want to replay the title.

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Arpy posted a comment   

Ah, the unboxing. A sacred time for any gamer.

But those download sizes are a little scary, even 20 Gig is usually an overnighter for me. I don't know about the rest of you but when I buy a game I want to play it NOW!

Also only users of certain ISPs have peak and off-peak, it's certainly not universal. Even if they have an unlimited plan (and assuming they stay within the fair use policy) they'll still need somewhere to put all that data. 500 Gig is laughable, especially if it's a multiplayer machine. Whether it's disc or download, PS4 or Xbox One, the disc will fill up fast (eg. Knack will use 37Gb)

Personally, I think I'll stick with discs. Your XBOne or PS4 will still stick the whole game on the HDD, but at least you won't have to download it again.

Future proofing is all well and good, but not when your internet service is still firmly in the past.


WayneE2 posted a comment   

Given (at least in Australia) users have a prime time and off peak time bandwidth for download it would be good if MS incorporated a timer for which downloads to commence, thus many users could commence their transactions in off peak times or very close to the end of the month.For me, I'll likely still be purchasing hard copies of games for a while.


AllanO2 posted a comment   

I like that. It is possible that that was a planned event for a select amount of people to get it early for publicity, which is smart. I'm glad that games are huge now, because that means a crap ton of data available. People should just stick to bluray, it makes the most sense. I'm sure they'll soon have 1tb, 2tb and 3tb HDD options. With tech advancing like it is, it won't be long. However, the more things change, the more they start the same.


AdamC4 posted a comment   

Just unreal how large the games are. 500gigs will barley hold a dozen games.


Restricted_access posted a comment   

MS wants people to download 43Gig of game across a mostly ADSL Internet. Absolutely hilarious!


TristramW posted a comment   

If all games are going to be around 30 - 40GB then 5OOGB is just not going to cut it M$.

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