Xbox One won't play 3D Blu-rays at launch

The Xbox One is launching soon and is Microsoft's first console to have a built-in Blu-ray player. If you've already got a library of 3D Blu-ray movies, though, you're out of luck since the Xbox One won't play them at launch.

The Xbox One.
(Credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox One console won't support 3D Blu-ray movies when it hits Australia on November 22. That functionality could be added in the future, though, so anyone with an extensive 3D Blu-ray library shouldn't discount the console altogether. Plus, if you've got 3D Blu-rays, you've probably also got a 3D Blu-ray player already.

Speaking to CNET, a Microsoft representative said that the upcoming console doesn't support 3D Blu-ray playback but that the company hasn't ruled out adding the ability to do so at a later date. Since the difference between a 3D and non-3D Blu-ray is purely in the data on the disc, a software update should be all that's needed to enable 3D movie playback.

The PlayStation 4 supports 3D games, although none will launch with the console. It isn't clear whether the PS4 will play 3D Blu-rays — but it's likely, especially considering that the feature was enabled on the PlayStation 3 with a firmware update.

Launch-day entertainment apps for the Xbox One were announced this morning. The US gets the lion's share of services, with Netflux, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and HBO GO exclusive to the North American version of the console. Australia isn't entirely left out of the streaming TV and movies race, though, with apps from Channel Ten, SBS and Quickflix, as well as global video apps, such as TED and Twitch.

Other than the lack of 3D disc support, the Xbox One is looking pretty exciting. The Kinect's voice activation works with local apps, too; for example, saying "Xbox, go to tenplay" will launch Channel Ten's catch-up TV app. More entertainment and other apps will be rolling out after the initial launch period, too, so the list will only get longer.

All Xbox One consoles worldwide will also be able to access the Xbox Fitness, Music and Video apps at launch, as well as Internet Explorer, SkyDrive and Upload.

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Restricted_access posted a comment   

43Gig downloads, no BlueRay, reports from games developers that the PS4 is 50% more powerful. The words Kin, Zune and Surface RT come quickly to mind. MS has another disaster on its hands.


Arpy posted a reply   

To correct you:
Downloads will be from 8 UP TO 43 Gig. We still don't know what PS4 download sizes will be, but it's likely to be comparable.
XBox One has blu ray (you can't even spell it correctly), just not 3D support at launch.
The claim that the PS4 is 50% more powerful is not representative of how the consoles perform in everyday use or for games in general. Your use of it out of context and without any source appears designed to mislead.
Personally I have no love for Microsoft or the paywall monstrosity that Xbox has become, but if not for the competition I'm not sure Sony would be so warm and fuzzy this time around.


Arpy posted a reply   

Sorry, I should have taken my own advice.
'50% faster' claim is addressed here...
'43 Gig downloads' in context...

...sorry cnet. I don't work for Kotaku. I swear.


Nand311 posted a reply   
United States

The new Killzone will be a 50 Gig install. "reports from games developers" is not proper citation, and since I've never heard that fact despite staying up to date daily with news, your credibility is out the window.

Therefore, shut up.


PaulH6 posted a reply   

Is it worth pointing out that the playstation 3 didn't support 3d blu ray until a patch came out to support it. The playstation 4 is no different, it also will not play 3d blu rays at launch.

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