Xbox's Adam Orth doesn't get 'always on' concerns

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Don't want a gaming console that requires a persistent internet connection? "Deal with it," says Microsoft Studio's creative director.

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"Always-on" internet connections haven't proved to be too popular when it comes to gaming lately — yes, we're looking at you, Diablo III and SimCity.

But what about a gaming console that needs an internet connection just to play games? Well, according Adam Orth, the creative director of Microsoft Studios, it's no big deal, and people should just deal with it. In fact, he'd like every device to be always on.

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Orth has previously worked under David Jaffe as lead designer on games such as the God of War series, a creative director at LucasArts on a number of recent Star Wars titles and also for PopCap as a senior game designer re-platforming games such as Plants vs. Zombies to PC and PS Vita.

In what he later termed a "fun lunch break", Orth took to Twitter to express his shock at people who take umbrage with the idea of an always-on console.

When quizzed by other Twitter users about people with no internet connection, he suggested that they should get one, as it is "awesome". He then likened people who worry about intermittent internet connectivity being an issue as the same as someone not buying a vacuum cleaner because the electricity sometimes goes out.

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While Orth later apologised, saying it had being a bit of banter with friends, it did raise awareness that there are more than a few people who are very unhappy with the possibility of an always-on future version of the Xbox. Orth has also now switched his Twitter account settings to private.

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bs98045 posted a comment   

What *we* get is that Orth is paid not to 'get it' and is parroting his employer's position faithfully. That's all fine and good. Many of find ourselves in similar positions albeit typically on a smaller scale.

What Orth in particular, and MS in general, does NOT seem to get is that his arrogance and disparaging tone perpetuates one of the key characteristics people resent about MS. It also represents one their bad habits that lead to failures. Yes, they do study groups and yes, they listen to consumers -- to a certain degree. But they have a storied history of staying the course stubbornly and missing the ball completely (apologies for the mixed metaphor).

"Always on" may or may not turn out to be a strategic mistake, but their snarky, dismissive is a foolish mistake for a company that should be a lot smarter than that. And it's always Microsoft's pride that precedes big mistakes. They are old enough to know better -- and they should


Will1505 posted a comment   

Yet another person working for a huge company that clearly does not understand (or want to understand) their customers.


fatalxs posted a comment   

have stopped playing Starcraft and ont be purchasing the add on because you have to be online to play o go into offline mode, I havehad so many problems wth Battlenet I am ove it.

I have also jus moved house and I have had no internet for over 5 weeks now as the technicians hae a problem they cant seem to fix so if I had to connect to the net to playa game then I would not have been able to play.

Ths is just stupid thinking, ig the internt was a relaible as electricty I stil would not want to have to be online, sometimes you are streaming Foxtel in another room, this takes up all the bandwith, if you have to be online when you are playing a game in another room then this il suck as well.

You always need to option to be online or ffline, always on will just cause so many issues.


TimboJ posted a comment   

Complete F#** whit

This guy should get out of confined box and into the real world


JordanM1 posted a comment   

Haha, what a ****


morespamforya posted a comment   

He should change his brain, I hear it requires 8 hours of downtime every day


AdamT7 posted a comment   

His vacuum cleaner/mobile phone analogies are terrible.

He's suggesting that games require an internet connection to even function as designed. In the world we live in today, video games do not require that. And the people who play them aren't used to that, and don't want them to have to. It's a very fundamental change.

Maybe that's the way the industry is moving, he (most hopefully) knows better than we do if it is. But that's not what people are used to, and being a snarky **** about it won't help people get on his side.


ColinInSpace posted a comment   
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