Xperia X10 2.1 update: first look

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Sony Ericsson has started rolling out its update for the Xperia X10, upgrading the Android platform to version 2.1, as well as enhancing a few key features.

The most noticeable adjustments can be seen on the lock screen and home screen. When you power on the phone you'll now have the option to silence the ringer by swiping the slider from right to left. The home screen now consists of five customisable canvases, rather than three in the previous firmware, which you can organise with shortcuts and widgets. You can also now use animated Live Wallpapers in the background.

There are several significant changes behind the scenes, mostly associated with the Android 2.1 upgrade. The web browser now supports HTML5, plus users should notice it loads pages a little faster too. Sony Ericsson has also improved the video capture software in the X10, offering users the option to shoot their videos in 720p resolution.

Noticeable shortcomings still present after the upgrade are the X10's lack of multi-touch support, meaning there is no pinch-to-zoom in the browser. There had been speculation that this update would also improve the colour range of the display to 16 million colours, but it is left with 65 thousand colours instead (not 256 thousand colours as stated in the video above).

The long-awaited firmware update is available now for X10 customers on the Vodafone networks and the X10 Mini Pros on the Vodafone, Optus and Virgin networks, with other networks to follow. To see if your handset is ready for the update, launch the Sony Ericsson PC Companion software on your PC and connect your handset via USB. If you see an update notification, simply follow the instructions on-screen.

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xperia is fair cool posted a comment   

hopefully sometime next year it gets upgraded to froyo, 2.2, it will have a 2 to 5 times performance boost and maybe even multitouch and 16 million colours!!!


trebor83 posted a reply   

Word on the street is that there is a multi-touch update coming in Q1 2011 (their boffins have apparently weaved some magic to make the impossible possible) and then a froyo update in Q2. But then they also said that the 2.1 update would be out Q3 2010 at the latest and that took until December so maybe don't hold your breath. It also seems they (SE) have immediately started working with 2.3 so maybe they will skip 2.2 altogether and try to catch up to the competition a little bit and give us this update in Q2 instead, but now I'm just dreaming...


Raj posted a comment   

When will be 2.1 update be availalbe for ATT (US) Cutomers?


Matovya posted a comment   

I updated my Optus branded X10 (it's a X10i) on Saturday afternoon. It's totally awesome and I can't believe how much the battery life has improved!

I'm usually charging it up every night, but since updating, it's Monday night and I haven't had to charge it at all!


nirmal :-)indian posted a comment   

hi folks before an update download the app" appbrain " and sync it with market app. any way after update to 2.1 ur all apps wont be available. then u have to just down load appbrain to get ur already synced apps.its no use in taking backups as apps wont be reinstalled becos 1.6 apps wont work for 2.1 anyway.its that simple folks.


Craig posted a comment   

When will this update be available for telstra x10's. Have been checking for updates daily since 1st of November.


kosh posted a comment   

Three....... cant be bothered anymore ! u r hopeless.

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