Yahoo Mail redesign plagued with bugs

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After its most recent redesign to look more like Gmail, Yahoo Mail users are parading a seemingly endless line of problems, including that it doesn't even send email.

The new Yahoo desktop inbox.
(Credit: Yahoo)

Yahoo Mail turned 16 on 8 October, and to celebrate, the company gave the email service a massive overhaul for desktop, iOS and Android. The redesign introduced threaded email conversations, background themes, automatic forwarding and 1TB of storage — and looks suspiciously like the Gmail interface.

And it doesn't work. Users are clamouring in droves all over the internet about the "Yahoo Mail fail", including missing features and strange, glitchy behaviour. By far the biggest complaint over on the Yahoo feedback forum is the removal of tabs, followed by the removal of the "sort by sender" option. Users are also decrying the loss of the toolbar, the removal of the folders sidebar and the formatting of the new inbox.

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But the mail service itself is failing at its core function: as a means of sending electronic communication. Emails are failing to be delivered, arriving up to 24 hours after the original email was sent, inboxes are disappearing entirely, the "reply" function has stopped working and contacts are being deleted.

Yahoo has been performing damage control as much as possible, telling forum users, "The recent design changes in Yahoo Mail are important steps to building a more modern and personalised version. We recognise that this is a lot of change and are actively listening to user feedback so we can continuously make improvements." But the furore has spilled over, with a petition begging Yahoo to change Mail back, and Twitter and Facebook users taking to the social networks to vent their displeasure.

The #yahoomail hashtag and Yahoo Mail Fail Facebook group are filled with complaints and users declaring they will be moving on from the service, since it's also impossible to go back to the previous version.

CNET Australia has reached out to Yahoo for comment and received a prepared statement in reply. "We deeply value how much our users care about Yahoo and are constantly engaging with our products," Yahoo wrote. "We recently made some design changes to Yahoo Mail. These changes are an important step to building a more modern and personalised Yahoo. We recognise that this is a lot of change and are listening to all of the community feedback. Additionally, we're actively measuring user feedback so we can continuously make improvements."

You can go sign the petition here, and sound off about your experiences with the update in the comments below.

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RachelP2 posted a comment   

My wishlist, to bring back:1- +/add button for contact from an 'incoming email. I used to have a green plus icon next to name and was able to add contact.2- on hover over, was able to add any email address that was in the email, eg, those in the FW headers and any text that looked like an email.3- type ahead to insert an email, I used to be able to type eg jan and that would bring . the less the windows/pop ups the better. I had the flexibility to type their name or email.4-calendar and other links used to be displayed as tabs. now I have to have separate link to type or retrieve from my bookmarks5-pictures in email, previews. Once had the ability see the images in full size, without downloading. Also without the aggravation of a uncompressing a zip file.6-There used to be useful, mails from contacts, that was , WAS perfect. At least I was able to see my friends and families first before any other email7-previously was able to sort by size, that helped in cleaning up my email. also allowed for me to find emails with attachments eg photos vs word docs.


JanH2 posted a comment   

To expand on this, here is just a small sample of what users have posted on the petition:

1. Contact lists being deleted
2. Years of emails disappearing
3. Deadlines being missed because functions don't complete
4. A flight squadron couldn't get flight plans
5. A lawyer couldn't file a brief on time
6. Invoices disappearing before they could be paid
7. Orders disappearing before they could be filled.

This debacle is a disaster for business. We aren't complaining about how yahoo mail looks. We are complaining because essential functions are missing or broken. We love mobile, but we DON'T use mobile for business!

Investors and advertisers need to take notice - yahoo users are going to leave in DROVES if this isn't addressed.


OrenF posted a comment   

fortuntly you canswitch back to the previous version for webmai however mobile devices are not so lucky.

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