Yamaha releases schmick hi-fi gear; receiver

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Yamaha is attempting to re-enter the field of hi-fi -- a phrase the company itself created -- with the release of three new flagship products: a high-end receiver, CD player and two-channel amplifier.

The RX-Z11. Thirteen speakers not included.

The Yamaha RX-Z11 is the company's first flagship receiver in almost four years -- after the Z9. OK, it's not really 'hi-fi' as such, being a surround receiver, but it's built and performs like a tank, and is priced accordingly.

The Z11 features an 11.2 surround sound mode -- which adds four effects speakers you place high in the corners of the room -- and delivers over a kilowatt of power. It will also decode all of the latest HD audio formats, and upscale all video sources to 1080p. It's also the first receiver to be certified with George Lucas' THX Ultra2 Plus specification. And of course it will also play your iPod ... It retails for AU$7,999.

The A-S2000 is a two channel amplifier with a distinctly 70's look, and REAL WOOD PANELS! It features a new circuit design Yamaha calls a "Floating Balanced Power Amp" for lower noise, and a dedicated headphone amp. It retails for AU$2,999.

To complement it comes the CD-S2000 CD/SACD player. Like the amp, the player also comes in the choice of a silver or black finish. It features balanced outputs for better noise rejection, a silent CD tray, independent power supplies for the digital and analogue stages, and a Pure Direct mode similar to used on the receiver ranges. It retails for AU$2599.

See below for more pics...

Ty Pendlebury travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Yamaha.

The Yamaha A-S2000.

The Yamaha CD-S2000.

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