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After two hours of food, entertainment and nail-biting anticipation, the Optus Sydney flagship store opened its doors to pre-registered customers and sold the first Apple iPhone 3G handsets in Australia.

About 200 eager Apple aficionados braved the blistering cold to queue outside the store for the chance to be the first to own the iPhone.

The preamble was hosted by Video Hits personality Faustina Agolley, better known as Fuzzy, while those in the queue were treated to complimentary coffee, pizza, massages and bright yellow scarves.

At midnight the first iPhone was sold to Brett Powell of Sydney who had waited in the queue since one o'clock Thursday afternoon.

For all the information you need about the iPhone in Australia check out our iPhone launch centre, and stand by for our full review of Apple's hotly anticipated smartphone.

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cp posted a comment   

Got one on Saturday, it gets my work email/contacts/diary via a VPN and is good for reading word and PDFs. Private email via Gmail, plays Itunes music and video well, and screen is great for ripped movies. Some good games available using accellerometer and finds WiFi easily. Great product and not data costs to date - open networks everywhere


Oct posted a comment   

Good to see so many people with their priorities in order!!! That was quite sad.

Don't get me wrong...i'm very eager to get an iPhone but i guess i have, what some people would call, a life.


RK posted a comment   

Hmmm,. Amazing Stuff , But I prefered to WAIT n WATCH!

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