Your Google name and photo can now be used for ads

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Google will be updating its Terms of Service to allow the company to share your reviews and endorsements for advertising purposes — but you can opt out.

This is how your information will appear in ads if you choose not to opt out.
(Credit: Google)

On 11 November, Google's Terms of Service will be updating to allow Google by default to use your Google account name and photograph in advertisements.

How it will work is that every time you +1, comment on a post or follow a vendor, Google may share that action as something called "Shared Endorsements".

"Recommendations from people you know can really help," Google said in a blog post. "So your friends, family and others may see your Profile name and photo, and content, like the reviews you share or the ads you +1'd."

Google is careful to note that you can choose who sees this content and that you can opt out in your Shared Endorsements settings (uncheck the box at the bottom of the page and hit the "save" button).

Shared Endorsements is an upgrade to Google's existing +1 Personalisation feature; as such, if you have already disabled sharing your +1s, that setting will remain in place. To further control what ads you see, you can visit your Google profile Ads Settings.

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RobP3 posted a comment   

F Google. I deleted my account along with my 10 year old YouTube Channel that Google now owns, and tells me regularly that I don't own my own music, that I created.

I hate the new world order.


tonythepony posted a comment   
United States

Thanks for posting the direct links, making it easy to go there to opt out. I have one question however. If I use AdBlock plus and Do Not Track Me plug-ins, does this still affect us? Just curious.


Anders posted a comment   
United States

Okay, it's time to start a revolution - a privacy revolution. Stop saying that you're going to leave google and facebook. Actually do it! Here are some great alternatives that offer privacy:

Please comment if you know any others to add to this list. Then, post this list of privacy-based websites to everyone you know. That's really the only way we can hope to get people off the gigantic advertisement known as google and facebook.


LukeR2 posted a reply   

"SRWare Iron" is an internet browser based on Google Chrome yet cuts out all the inbuilt snooping that gets sent to Google.
SRWare Iron looks almost identical to Google Chrome so it will be familiar and you can still install Chrome plugins (extensions).
There's really no reason not to migrate to SRWare Iron if Google Chrome is your browser of choice, unless you like being tracked and using up your precious data sending your personal information to Google. It also has a built in AdBlocker
There are some good online reviews about SRWare Iron that detail why you would want to use this browser.

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