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Could YouTube be on the cusp of unveiling its own ad-free music subscription service?

(Credit: YouTube)

The answer seems to be yes according to code found in its latest Android app, YouTube 5.3. Discovered by Android Police, the code suggests that the service will play music in the background, offer ad-free playback and even allow for offline play so you can watch videos and listen to music away from Wi-Fi without devouring your data allowance.

The code also suggests that you'll be able to download whole playlists to watch offline, choose which definition the video is saved as and also allow the video creators to specify if their videos can't be watched offline.

At the moment, there's no indication as to whether all YouTube videos will be available or just music.

Google has its own subscription music service as part of its Google Play family, so how that would sit with a similar offering under the YouTube brand remains to be seen.

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gregory.opera posted a comment   

Well obviously amatuer, independent and/or unsigned artists would be a key focus, along with live events...At least 50% of my time on YouTube is spent listening to music, the vast majority of which are amatuer, independent and/or unsigned.Something like Music Unlimited is fantastic for mainstream music... But there's a lot of talent amongst amatuer, independent and/or unsigned artists too.

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