YouTube turns 7, users now uploading 72 hours every minute

The Google-owned video site has just turned seven years old, and had 48 hours of video uploaded to its pages every minute just one year ago.

YouTube might not be getting all of the attention that Facebook gets nowadays, but that doesn't mean it isn't growing.

The Google-owned online video site has just celebrated its seventh birthday, and to help mark the milestone, it announced that users now upload 72 hours of video to its service each minute. To put that into perspective, just one year ago, YouTube users were uploading 48 hours to the site every minute.

In January, YouTube said that 4 billion videos are viewed on the site each day. At the time, it also said 60 hours of video were being uploaded each minute.

"Like many 7-year-olds around the world, we're growing up so fast," YouTube wrote in its birthday blog post. "In other words, every single minute you now upload three whole days' worth of video, instead of two. That's 61 royal wedding ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances and 1194 Nyan Cats."

YouTube now has 800 million users accessing its pages around the world. According to the company, those folks are watching more than 3 billion hours of video each month.


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