YouTube's video-on-demand service arriving on smart TVs

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YouTube and partner TP Vision will bring video rentals to selected European countries later this year.

YouTube movie rentals coming to a Philips TV somewhere not near you.
(Credit: YouTube)

The service will be initially available exclusively on Philips smart TVs — not too surprising, given that TP Vision is the brand licensee for Phillips televisions in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and selected countries in Asia-Pacific (though, not China nor, obviously, Australia).

YouTube has previously made video rentals available via Google TV devices in the US, but this is its first European venture and the first time a specific TV brand will roll off the assembly line with the YouTube rental service ready to go.

YouTube has movie distribution arrangements with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, Universal, Disney and — as of April this year — Paramount Pictures.

Given that the Philips TV range is no longer available in Australia, it's unlikely that you'll need to cancel your Quickflix account any time soon. However, if YouTube can make this work in a region outside of the US, it's likely that they'll be looking to move into other areas, as soon as they can negotiate distributions rights.

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