Zombie-escape race takes Australia by the throat

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Zombie Escape Survival Challenge is a 5km obstacle course with a difference: a volunteer team of zombies trying to take you out of the running.

The ones chasing you will have more legs.
(Credit: AMC)

Just when we think the whole zombie thing has run its course, we discover that there's an actual zombie-thing course left to run.

The set-up for the Zombie Escape Survival Challenge is pretty simple; it's a 5km course, complete with a number of physical obstacles. Runners wear a "flag belt", a bit like in OzTag. The zombies will be trying to remove all your tags — and when the last one is snatched away by rotting hands, you're out of health and out of the race.

The idea seems identical to Run for Your Lives out of the US, and has a bit more emphasis on the running part than the IRL Shooter Patient Zero.

The Zombie Escape Survival challenge will kick off next year in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. The site is currently calling for runners, zombies and spectators, so head on over and sign up — spaces are limited.

The current schedule of events is:

  • Brisbane/Gold Coast: 13 April 2013

  • Sydney: 13 May 2013

  • Melbourne: 13 June 2013

  • Perth: 13 June 2013.

(Hat tip to Atomic for the news.)

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